What is Guardian.Angel?

Guardian.Angel is a mobile app aims to help you reach people you trust when you are in trouble. You can setup messages, recipients and the time to send in the app. If you are in condition not able to dismiss the message, they will automatically send out for you. It will be helpful if you have uncertainty in coming activities. For example, you might get drunk and need someone come for you; You might get loss while doing outdoor activities; Or when you are trapped in a long and boring meeting.

What Guardian.Angel can do?

Guardian.Angel will save your message to our server. When approaching the preset send time, even if you loss network connection, your message will still be sent out properly. We support email and mobile push notification. You can also share your location to your recipients if you would like to. Just ensure you can get immediate help when needed.

For information we collect, we have strict policy to avoid misuse of the data and protect your privacy. For details please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Track my location

In order to let your message recipients able to find you, you can enable the Track my location function in the app. This will allow your device sending your location to our server regularly at backend. Your recipients will only able to see your location when they got your messages. Here is one of the use cases. When you go hiking by yourself and plan to get back home before dinner, unluckily you come across an accident and stuck in the mountain. The good thing is you had set the message sending at 9pm with track my location enabled. When the time comes, your families will got your SOS message with your location info so they can locate you more easily .

Lock Account

There is situation that your phone might be controlled by bad guys. To cope with it, we introduced Lock Account function. When it is triggered, your account is not allowed to add new contacts and see others' location information to prevent bad guys abusing your account. You can unlock your account by asking all recipients receiving your message tapping "Report Safe" button for you. Otherwise you will need to wait for 7 days to let your account unlock automatically. But during these time you can still use other functions as usual.

Do I need to pay?

We target to provide free service to our users. But if you appreciate our work, it will be great for you to support us with the In-App Purchase option in the app. We promise we won't make money by selling the information you supplied us. You can get our app from the QR code below.

Customer Support

Please feel free to drop us a mail if you got any question. We hope you enjoy our app and keep on supporting us.


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